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Author: plaisirs_admin

Chateau Clos Du Vougeot

Rich in its history, the Château de Clos de Vougeot, if it could speak, would certainly have many stories to tell us between soil, wine

Domaine Tempier, The Best Of Provence

Multiple and complex, the terroirs of Domaine Tempier form a mosaic of plots with very rich geological soils spread over 60 hectares. The topologies and

What Is A Native Grape Variety?

What is a native grape variety? An indigenous or endemic grape variety is a vine variety from a specific terroir. They are characteristics of a

What is Biodynamics

Biodynamics is a production technique that aims to promote organic farming and excludes the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Most treatments are based on

Sine Qua Non, The Temple of Wine

Nothing predisposed Manfred Krankl to become an iconic figure in the California wine industry. Now his aura spreads throughout the world with wines that the

Marguet, A New Vision Of Champagne

Benoît Marguet is an atypical viticulturist but with a big heart who makes wines with great serenity and a certain shamanic philosophy. There is no